Starting tag is not closed.

Notice! This page describes the nature of the error using a hypothetical example and not the erroneous data of the input test file. You should however be able to apply this information to your error case.

Error description:

There are several causes for this error:

  • Starting tag is not closed.
    • Check for missing quotation marks (")
    • or tag closing sing (>).
  • less than character used in field value.

Example 1:


In here the less than character is used in street name. This causes the parser to think that new tag is starting. You should remove the "<" character or replace it with corresponding entity, which is &lt;


Explanation of the error message given by the validator:

"Couldn't find end of Start Tag tagname line x"

Where tagname corresponds to root tag name and x corresponds the line number where the tag was opened.

"expected '>'"

XML tag is missing the tag closing sing >.