AOS Elements

EPC divides elements in ISO 20022 schemas into

  1. SEPA Core elements* 
  2. SEPA AOS** elements


SEPA Core subset includes all basic information to ensure successfull message transfer in SEPA area, e.g. IBAN of CdtrAcct and DbtrAcct, payment amount and address information. SEPA Core subset is heavily stripped version of ISO 20022 schema.

SEPA AOS expands SEPA Core subset to include more elements. In SEPA AOS, for example, one is able to give Postal Address information in structured form instead of being limited to 2 occurrences of AdrLine and country.  

In EPC implementation guides these elements are differentiated by yellow background for SEPA Core and white background for SEPA AOS. For this reason they are often referred by only their corresponding colors.



Non-AOS community banks may handle receivement of AOS elements differently, they can be either ignored or the payment message can be rejected altogether. 

By EPC's definition, payment is not SEPA Core when AOS elements are found within the payment message.


*Term SEPA Core is used in Credit Transfer and Direct Debit CORE payments, in DD B2B the term "SEPA B2B element" is used instead.

**AOS = Additional Optional Service