Option D: Name and Address Format

Page contains information on rules for Swift MT messages, specific to different options. Field is identified by a tag which consists of two digits, or two digits followed by a letteroption. Letter identifier specifies further restrictions for field


[/1a][/34x]       (Party Identifier)
4*35x                (Name and Address)


Name and address and, optionally, the account or clearing code of the party.

Note  This option is used when no other option is available.This information also applies to fields 50 (when option representing name and address is selected) and 59 (without letter option).


Network validated rules

Time indication must be a valid time expressed as HHMM (Error code(s): T38).

Time offset is expressed as 'HHMM', where the hour component, that is, 'HH', must be in the range of 00 through 13, and the minute component, that is, 'MM' must be in the range of 00 through 59. Any 'HH' or 'MM' component outside of these range checks will be disallowed (Error code(s): T16).

Usage rules

When the party identification is provided by name and address (whether by full postal address or informal identification), the following rules apply:

•     at least one line of the name and address must be present, in addition to the party identifier

•     the street address must be on a new line following the name

•     when a city is present, it must be on the last line, with the postal code (zip, etc.), state and country identification

Although more than one element of an address may appear on each line, care should be taken that, when possible, no element, for example, street address, should be spread over more than one line.

If a Party Identifier is absent, then Name and Address must not start with a slash '/'.