Option A: Identifier Code Format

Page contains information on rules for Swift MT messages, specific to different options. Field is identified by a tag which consists of two digits, or two digits followed by a letteroption. Letter identifier specifies further restrictions for field


[/1a][/34x]            (Party Identifier)

4!a2!a2!c[3!c]      (Identifier Code)


Identifier code such as a BIC. Optionally, the account of the party.

Network validated rules

Identifier Code must be a registered BIC (Error codes T27, T28, T29 and T45).

For institutions which are not SWIFT users, that is, which are not yet connected, the eighth position must consist of the digit '1'.

Usage rules

The time zone in which Time is expressed is to be identified by means of the offset against the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time - ISO 8601).


The following example shows BICs of non-connected users, without, and with, a branch identifier: