Field 33B


Option B                      3!a15d                                             (Currency)(Amount)


This field specifies the currency and amount of the instruction. This amount is provided for information purposes and has to be transported unchanged through the transaction chain.

Network validated rules

Currency must be a valid ISO 4217 currency code (Error code(s): T52).

The integer part of Amount must contain at least one digit. A decimal comma is mandatory and is included in the maximum length. The number of digits following the comma must not exceed the maximum number allowed for the specified currency (Error code(s): C03,T40,T43).

Usage rules

If field 33B is present in the message received, it has to be forwarded unchanged to the next party.

This field must be present when a currency conversion or an exchange has been performed on the Sender's side.

If the transaction is within the scope of the EC Directive on cross border credit transfers, this amount is the original ordered amount as instructed by the ordering customer. Otherwise, it is the amount that the sending bank was instructed to pay.

As a consequence, if there are no Sender's or Receiver's charges and no currency conversion or exchange took place, field 32A equals 33B, if present.