Field 32A


Option A                      6!n3!a15d                                       (Date)(Currency)(Amount)


This field specifies the value date, the currency and the settlement amount. The settlement amount is the amount to be booked/reconciled at interbank level.

Network validated rules

Date must be a valid date expressed as YYMMDD (Error code(s): T50).

Currency must be a valid ISO 4217 currency code (Error code(s): T52).

The integer part of Amount must contain at least one digit. A decimal comma is mandatory and is included in the maximum length. The number of digits following the comma must not exceed the maximum number allowed for the specified currency (Error code(s): C03,T40,T43).

The codes XAU, XAG, XPD and XPT are not allowed, as these are codes for commodities for which the category 6 commodities messages must be used (Error code(s): C08).