Cheque Payments

Cheque Crossborder Cheque Swift

This page describes the rules used in these pipes:

  • Cheque Crossborder
  • Cheque Swift


The following rulesets are active for these pipes:

  • General
  • Crossborder General


These rules are active for both cheque types:

  1. PmtMtd has to be CHK or TRF in cheque payments.
  2. CdtrAcct is not allowed


This rule is active for Crossborder cheque

  1. Transaction block has to be identified as cheque. This is done by either
    • Setting value of PmtMtd to CHK
    • Setting value of CdtTrfTxInf/ChqInstr/ChqTp to BCHQ


The following rules are active for Cheque Swift

  1. Value of CdtTrfTxInf/ChqInstr/DlvryMtd/Prtry has to be SWIFT
  2. Amt has to be either EUR, USD or GBP.