SEPA (and AOS2) V03

Nordea supports the extended SEPA definitions defined by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services which enable the forwarding of credit notes by credit transfer. The credit note is carried in the remittance information. The payer may include one unstructured remittance itemisation and a maximum of nine structured remittance itemisations. The structured remittance information contains invoice and credit note information and their net amount forms the payment transaction amount. 

The structured remittance information is forwarded to banks supporting the SEPA extension (mainly banks operating in Finland) and the unstructured remittance information to those banks not supporting the SEPA extension.

  • One compulsory Unstructured Remittance Information, maximum of 140 characters
    • Includes information of invoices and credit notes as a summary message
    • the information is forwarded to banks which do not receive remittance information asstructured messages ie banks which are not AOS2 banks. The information is not forwarded to AOS2 banks.
  • At least 2 and no more than 9 structured messages, each having a maximum of 280 characters 
    • the information is forwarded through the AOS2 banks to the beneficiaries
    • one of the structured messages either an invoice or a credit note
    • information on invoice or credit note – ReferredDocumentInformation / Type / Code CINV or CREN
    • invoice amount – RemittedAmount or credit note amount – CreditNoteAmount
    • invoice or credit note reference – CreditorReference or message in invoice or credit note – AdditionalRemittanceinformation
    • if there is no reference or message, the invoice number may be given ReferredDocumentInformation / Number and the date of the invoice
    • ReferredDocumentInformation / Date.