PmtTpInf : PaymentTypeInformation

CtgyPurp (CategoryPurpose):

In salary payments it is required to declare a code here in order to indicate the purpose of the payment is salary.

There are two ways to do this
1. pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/PmtTpInf/CtgyPurp = "SALA"
2. pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/CdtTrfTxInf/PmtTpInf/CtgyPurp = "SALA"

SvcLvl/Prtry (ServiceLevel/Proprietary):

In Nordea payments this field is used to mark a payment urgent (see example). As with CtgyPurp, the code can be expressed either at debtor (PmtInf) or creditor (CdtTrfTxInf) level.