ChrgBr : ChargeBearer

Element: pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/ChrgBr (recommended) pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/CdtTrfTxInf/ChrgBr pain.001.001.03/PmtInf/ChrgBr (recommended) pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/CdtTrfTxInf/ChrgBr

This element is optional. Recommended to be used at Payment Information level. Allowed also to be at Credit Transfer Transaction level with crossborder payments.

Values according to ISO20022:
DEBT (debtor)
CRED (creditor)
SHAR (shared)
SLEV (service level)

Default value (Nordea):
Shared charges (SHAR). Use only SLEV with SEPA credit transfers.