Method will check if the given string contains only characters.

Description of the method

Description: .isOnlyChars() method will check if the given string contains only characters. In other words, the method will check that there are no digits in the string, all other symbols than digits are interpreted as characters by this method. Also other than Arabic digits are interpreted as digits. More info about which characters are interpreted as digits can be found from here: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/java/l...er_isdigit.htm
Available for: string
Parameters:  -
Return type: boolean


Context: HeaderType1
OCL: self.Id.isOnlyChars()
Description: The example rule check if the value of <Id> element contains only characters and not digits.

The XML snippet below would pass this check.

<Id>   IdContent   </Id>

The other snippet below however would not pass this check as the value contains a digit.

<Id>Id Content1</Id>


Attached you can find example schema and files which you can use for testing: