Introduction: A Word About Standards and ISO 20022

The highly business-critical nature of money and payments, and the need for interoperability between systems, have led to the establishment of standards for financial messaging. Over decades, as payments became electronic, financial message standards have been established in many countries, and even across regions – like SWIFT for global correspondent banking and SEPA for the Euro. Cards payments have also always been based on standards.

Now more than ever, standards evolve as technology evolves.

The XMLdation Service supports banks, their customers, and clearing systems in better understanding and managing various established financial message standards, and with the introduction of new ones.

We’ve dedicated a page to follow standards 


General ISO20022 Information

ISO 20022 is the common vocabulary for the development of financial messages. It is emerging as the central international standard for financial messaging. 


We’ve dedicated a page to follow its development and our support for it.