Clearing Infrastructures - Simulator

The XMLdation Simulator is used by participants to test and certify readiness. It simulates the clearer’s payment infrastructure, as well as dummy bank participants, allowing banks to test independently of other participants. The Simulator is cloud-born and API-ready, with APIs that enable test automation, and also facilitate easy exchange of messages with bank systems. Reporting feature allow clearers to monitor participant usage and certify participant readiness. 
The XMLdation Simulator is also easily adapted for use by the clearer, to perform end-to-end testing of its own Platform, simulating multiple dummy participants. 
The XMLdation Legacy Bridge helps bank participants at all stages of migration from legacy payment formats and methods, to new approaches. The XMLdation Legacy Bridge gives clearers a mechanism to on-board all banks to their new payment platform, irrespective of whether a bank is ready to migrate its own systems to ISO20022. 
API-ready:  For payment infrastructures launching API-based services, the XMLdation API Sandbox solution can be used by participants to test and certify readiness for the clearer’s catalog of APIs.