About CGI-MP


CGI-MP is described as follows in Swift's CGI-MP page:

The Common Global Implementation - Market Practice (CGI-MP) initiative provides a forum for financial institutions (banks and bank associations) and non-financial institutions (corporates, corporate associations, vendors and market infrastructures) to progress various corporate-to-bank implementation topics on the use of ISO 20022 messages and other related activities, in the payments domain.

Implementation guides

About CGI-MP implementation guides:

"The underlying CGI message implementation templates provide clear guidance, in terms of which XML fields are required, optional, bilaterally determined or not used from both a core message and local country rules perspective."

Implementation guide documents can be found at http://www.swift.com/corporates/cgi/resource_centre

CGI-MP in XMLdation

XMLdation provides validation and simulation service based on CGI-MP's standards. Following validation services are available and ready to be tested at XMLdation:

CGI CT v03 ACH&Wires (General)
CGI CT v03 Cheques
CGI CT v03 SEPA (6.0)
CGI DD v02 SEPA (Core & B2B)

In addition, alos country specific implementations are supported. E.g.

Romania ACH&Wires
Russia Commercial Payment
Singapore ACH Low Value
Thailand ACH Low Value
France CBR