About Allied Irish Banks

AIB was formed In 1966. It brought together three Irish banks. These were the Provincial Bank, founded in 1825, The Royal Bank, established eleven years later, and The Munster and Leinster, the largest of the three banks with the most extensive branch network which was formed in 1885.


Strategy of AIB

AIB in XMLdation service

AIB implementation is built around default ISO schemas. Most of the business rules are derived from EPC implementations guides.

Credit transfer: pain.001.001.03.xsd
Direct debit: pain.008.001.02.xsd

XMLdation currently has following pipes in the service:

AIB SEPA Credit Transfer
AIB Multi-Currency Flat payments
AIB SEPA Direct Debit CORE
AIB Multicurrency XML payments

Message Implementation Guides can be found from AIB pages at: http://www.aib.ie/sepa